Designed for Success

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The Omaha Atelier of Fine Art's studio is currently located in the home of principle instructor Cody Wheelock.  The studio offers three flexible work stations complete with customizable lighting, equipment storage, taboret and easels for students enrolled in the Atelier Program.  A wide array of still life objects, a growing collection of plaster casts, and a small art library provide an array of resources for study.  The studio is designed to facilitate small workshop groups of students, helping to maximize one-on-one time with the instructor and ensuring a positive student experience.  When set up for life drawing, the studio can accommodate 5-10 artists, depending on the equipment being used.  

For student convenience, the studio also includes a private restroom, a separate sink area for art material clean up, a sitting room for those wanting to take a break, and a separate entrance.  Driveway and street parking are easily accessible. 

The studio space is also utilized as Wheelock's professional studio, allowing students a unique look at the creative process in action.  Contact us to schedule a studio visit!