Alla Prima Floral Painting, June 4-8 2018; 1:00-4:00pm

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Alla Prima Floral Painting, June 4-8 2018; 1:00-4:00pm


June 4-8 2018, 1:00-4:00pm $225

Join us in learning to paint the colorful world of flowers, alla prima style!  The basics of alla prima painting will be discussed and students will learn how to set up and light a simple floral arrangement.  Demos, hands-on experience and plenty of one-on-one instruction will have you painting alla prima florals in no time!


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Materials List

OAoFA will provide Gamsol solvent, a Silicoil solvent container, paper towels,  and work stations including chairs, shadow boxes, lighting, palette and a taboret.  Students are asked to bring: 

Paint - Oil is preferred, but acrylic and/or watercolor is acceptable.  Minimum colors needed are burnt umber, ultramarine blue, titanium white, hansa yellow, alizarin permanent, and napthol red. Additional colors can be used but are not necessary as the instructor will make use of a limited palette.  All demonstrations will use oil paint.

Brushes - Each student should bring their own set of brushes.  It is difficult to list specific brush names and size numbers as each brand has its own guidelines.  In general, a student should have an assortment of both hog hair bristle and synthetic/natural sable brushes.  Two or three large hog hair bristle brushes, three to four medium size hog hair bristle brushes (filbert, flat or round), and four or five smaller synthetic or sable brushes for detailed work.  You may also include a "rigger", or a fine long-bristled brush designed for detail.  

Palette Knife - Bring at minimum one palette knife suitable for mixing paint, ideally one with a diamond shaped blade.  Additional palette knives can be brought for applying paint if preferred.

Painting Support -Please bring a surface to paint on.  For exercises three or four 8x10 or 9x12 canvas or wood panels is recommended, and a 16x20 stretched canvas or panel is recommended for the final painting.  

Flowers - Being as this is a floral painting workshop, students are encouraged to bring their favorite flowers in as painting subjects.  Please note that a lot of money does not need to be spent; event "economical" flowers can create a great painting.

Storage Bin - A storage bin of some sort similar to this Artbin box is recommended for carrying supplies to and from class.

Clothing - An apron or old clothes is suggested as there is a high possibility of getting paint and/or solvent on clothes.  

Gloves - Disposable gloves are suggested but optional.  They can help keep your hands clean from paint and solvent.

Attitude - A positive attitude and willingness to try new things is always appreciated!